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Doc ID: Note:263792.1
Subject: Patch Set - Known Issues
Content Type: TEXT/X-HTML
Creation Date: 19-FEB-2004
Last Revision Date: 24-MAY-2005

Known Issues specific to the Patch Set is superceeded by or higher on some platforms.
Please the latest 9.2 patch set available for your platform.
  • See Note 189908.1 for Support Status and Alerts affecting 9.2.0 releases.
This note lists known issues specific to the Patch Set which are not documented in the Patch Set README. This includes known install issues and also bugs which are introduced in See the Support Status note above for additional alerts. README Additions

These are additions to the Patch Set README which are not documented in seperate notes.
  • You must install the OUI in the 9.2 ORACLE_HOME
    It is important to ensure you install the 10g OUI shipped with the Patch Set in the ORACLE_HOME of the 9.2 software being upgraded.

  • Standard Edition 9205 install does not install Spatial Data option correctly
    See Note 265683.1 for full details.

  • "catpatch.sql" does not run catcio.sql
    catcio.sql is a script needed in to allow ONLINE index rebuilds to work. After running catpatch then run "@?/rdbms/admin/catcio" while connected as the SYSDBA user. See Note 3531336.8 for details.

  • "CORE" version shows as in V$VERSION when the install is complete
    This can be ignored. The installed CORE version is actually

  • ORA-600 can occur upgrading XDB if the XDB tablespace is low on space
    Some upgrades have seen ORA-600 errors upgrading XDB. When using XDB it is recommended to have plenty of space in the XDB tablespace . A 1GB XDB tablespace should be sufficient to avoid this problem.

  • The UDLM patch is missing from 9205 on Solaris 32bit
    See Note 266968.1 for details.

  • The 10g OUI may report that 10g specific patches are needed
    Ignore any 10g patch recommendations during install of

Historic Issues
  • 9205 on HP Tru64 had faulty jar files
    Copies of the 9205 Patch Set for Tru64 downloaded before 24-Apr-2004 had faulty jar files for some interMedia files. The Patch Set was reloaded on 23-Apr-2004 to correct this problem.

  • Some of the 9205 README files referred to "products.jar" instead of "products.xml"
    Some READMEs told you to "Select the products.jar file".
    This should read "Select the products.xml file".

  • Earlier copies of some Patch Sets omitted the OUI "response" files
    Copies of the 9205 Patch Sets downloaded prior to 2-Apr-2004 did not include the "response" files needed for silent installs.

  • The README "cpio" command was wrong on AIX 5L release
    The AIX 5L README should have said to use this command:
       cpio -idcv < 9205_aix5l64_release.cpio
    (The original command in the README failed with: "CPIO: 0511-903 OUT OF PHASE!")

  • Pre install checks failed on some Linux versions
    Early copies of the Linux 9205 Patch Set (downloaded before 26-Mar-04) failed to install on some Linux versions reporting that the operating system version was wrong. The README also had incorrect certification information.

  • Downloads of 9205 for HP Itanium would not install on 11.22
    For downloads prior to 30-Apr-2004. The Patch Set was reloaded to correct this problem. Note 3586698.8 has details.

Related Notes Alerts / Issues

This section lists alerts and important issues relevant to .

General Alerts / Issues

Note:297306.1* ORA-7445 SKGXPDMPCTX Instance Crash with or Patchset
Note:281047.1* Corruption possible in automatic space managed segments
Note:271084.1P* Solaris: OERI:[KSLAWE:!PWQ] can occur in on 64bit Oracle on Solaris

Upgrade Issues

Note:269472.1P* AIX: HSODBC does not work in on AIX platforms
3560961+ "$OH/bin/runInstaller" link is not updated when is installed
3531336+ catpatch does not run catcio - can cause OERI:KSSRMP1 / ORA-8120 errors
4097516P Solaris: Installing 9205/9206 Patch Set on Solaris 2.7 errors
3883156 ORA-6502 from DBMS_XDBZ0.MIGRATE_PITRIG when patching to
3882566 HPUX: interMedia install is missing some NCOMP files (ORA-29532 in trace)
3638190P Sol64: JDBC Patch does not include $OH/lib32/
3597710P Windows: is missing CWMLITE files
3580691 Response files for Custom Install do not install all selected products (10g OUI)
3562353P Tru64: install fails on Tru64 5.1B
3559897P Windows: ORA-12705 occurs for FRENCH CANADIAN clients after applying 9205
3530253P HPUX: errors with "chmod: invalid mode"
3527674P HPUX: install fails on HP 11.00
3522222P Solaris: Patch Set does not install on Solaris 2.6

Security Alerts

Bug# Security Alert# Document Summary
_ _ Note 301040.1 Critical Patch Update (Apr 2005)

Notable fixes included in

This section bugs fixed in which may cause a notable change in behaviour.
3150705+ Fix to help reduce the chances of an ORA-4031 with high OPEN_CURSORS
2276769 Different static PLSQL cursors may not be shared

Issues introduced in

This section lists bugs introduced in (if any). Such issues may be either serious or trivial but the aim is to list them all to help customers assess the risk of applying the Patch Set on top of
Note:297306.1* ORA-7445 SKGXPDMPCTX Instance Crash with or Patchset
Note:281047.1* Corruption possible in automatic space managed segments
Note:269472.1P* AIX: HSODBC does not work in on AIX platforms
Note:271084.1P* Solaris: OERI:[KSLAWE:!PWQ] can occur in on 64bit Oracle on Solaris
3894096+ Poor MView refresh performance in ASSM tablespaces
3771668+ Poor INSERT performance with ASSM
3531336I+ catpatch does not run catcio - can cause OERI:KSSRMP1 / ORA-8120 errors
4285294 Memory leak in AQ messaging
4153531 Direct load with SQL expression can incorrectly load NULL data
4057147 JDBC OCI returns invalid argument exception when binding over 64kb array
4031272 ORA-6502 using collection tables in PLSQL
4007202 Large multi-table insert SQL statement fails with ORA-24335
3933012 ORA-904 from IN subquery with UNION ALL having co-located remote references
3788530 OERI[kohdtf048] with sqlldr direct load with a PLSQL function
3763027 Dump (in KKOJNP) possible parsing query with pushed join predicate
3740073 Parallel insert allocates an extra buffer row source
3737955 Long parse times for long inlists / many AND/OR terms
3735856 ORA-2031 on SELECT of ROWID from a non mergable view on a V$ view
3720104 Fix for BUG 2276769 can cause SQL monitoring difficulties
3709345 ORA-28500 / SQLCODE-310 using PACKED DECIMAL DB2 columns
3653586 DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL performance very slow
3648249 SQL may dump (in KKOGTP) during parse
3635177 Dump [KXCCUIN] possible from DML with concurrent ONLINE index rebuild
3628621 ORA-6502 from DYNAMIC SQL in AL32UTF8
3627650 ORA-701 / OERI:17058 from GRANT / REVOKE select ON OBJECT_USAGE
3624684 Remote subquery not unnested when expected
3616023P Tru64: "skgpspawn failed:category = 27143" during process / instance startup
3614289 Index range cost with predicate on descending key may be too high
3609791 SQLCODE -310 / incorrect SCALE over HS for numbers with zeroes after the decimal place
3583215 Dump (qersoRowP) with complex view merging and subquery in SELECT list
3572558 SQLPLUS incorrectly appends .LST to spool filenames with environment variable
3557842 ORA-903 with UNION ALL in a view
3545209 Poor performance from semi join with NL to remote table
3448711 ORA-1722 can occur binding NULL bind values if event 10843 is set
3447792 Multi-table insert can fail with ORA-24335
3432427 Dump possible in LGWR (in ksliwat) in RAC mode
3408192 Heavy concurrent DML scenarios can cause $R table to contain deleted rowids
3277927 Unexpected ORA-2070 possible when using a SYS_CONTEXT function
3262241 ORA-1422 executing DBMS_STATS.GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS('SYS')
3107414 Large wrapped PLSQL packages can fail with PLS-908

Symbols used in this document

In the lists above
  • '*' indicates that an alert exists for that issue.
  • '+' indicates a particularly notable issue / bug.
  • 'P' indicates a port specific issue / bug.
  • 'I' indicates an install issue / bug included for completeness.
  • "OERI:nnnnn is used as shorthand for ORA-600 [nnnnn].

End of Known Issues List

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