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Doc ID: Note:283899.1
Subject: Patch Set - Known Issues
Content Type: TEXT/X-HTML
Creation Date: 27-SEP-2004
Last Revision Date: 24-MAY-2005

Known Issues specific to the Patch Set

  • See Note 189908.1 for Support Status and Alerts affecting 9.2.0 releases.
This note lists known issues specific to the Patch Set which are not documented in the Patch Set README. This includes known install issues and also bugs which are introduced in See the Support Status note above for additional alerts. README Additions

These are additions to the Patch Set README which are not documented in seperate notes.
  • Problems applying Interim Patches on top of
    Attempting to apply interim patches on top of with "opatch" can fail with errors of the form:
     OPatch detects your platform as XX while this patch nnnnnn supports platforms: YY (description)
    This issue is currently under investigation and is known to affect on HPUX, Solaris Sparc 64bit and AIX 5L. See Note 292946.1 and Note 294658.1

  • "Upgrade SYS Schema" SQL missing "EXECUTE" (4031110)
    The commands in the "Upgrade and SYS Schema" section of the README should read as follows:

  • On some platforms the OUI shows as a seperate install option
    The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) shows as a seperate install option on some platforms (eg: Linux). Please ensure you install the OUI from the Patch Set first and then install the Patch Set itself.

  • PLS-302 may occur when creating a seed database using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) on Solaris 32bit
    When using the DBCA to create a new database from the starter database, the following error message may occur:
      PLS-00302: component 'VALIDATE_COMPONENTS' must be declared
    This error can be ignored. However, the rdbms/admin/catpatch.sql script must be run on the newly created database to upgrade it to .

  • The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) may core dump on Sun SPARC Solaris
    with the error
      ERROR: Unable to convert from "UTF-8" to "646" for NLS! Bus Error - core dumped.
    See Note 290034.1

  • Solaris README has unapplicable text about globalization (4070666)
    The Solaris patch set note contains information about installing globalization support locale definition files. Ignore this information. It does not apply to this release.

  • Linux systems minimum OS level not documented
    Linux systems should be at Redhat AS 2.1 Update 6 or kernel errata e.57 (or higher) to avoid problems with CJQ processes spinning.
    See Note 295403.1
Historic Issues
  • Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) 10g not installed on HPUX
    Upgrading an ORACLE_HOME from directly to does not install the new OUI for patchset downloads prior to 2-Dec-2004. This can lead to subsequent opatch errors.
    See Note 293038.1 .

Related Notes Alerts / Issues

This section lists alerts and important issues relevant to .

General Alerts / Issues

Note:297306.1* ORA-7445 SKGXPDMPCTX Instance Crash with or Patchset
Note:293893.1+ CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter does not work

Upgrade Issues

Note:294693.1P AIX: "prvtfile.plb" is zero bytes long (ORA-6508 for UTL_FILE)
Note:294647.1P HPUX: Patch Set does not update 32bit Cobol / Fortran Precompilers
Note:294190.1P Solaris 64bit: OUI reports "CHECKDIR" errors and does not start
4097516P Solaris: Installing 9205/9206 Patch Set on Solaris 2.7 errors
4071941P Sol64: JDBC Patch does not include $OH/lib32/
4063079P Linux: Installing Patch Set installs old "oracm" version
3530253P HPUX: errors with "chmod: invalid mode"

Security Alerts

Bug# Security Alert# Document Summary
_ _ Note 301040.1 Critical Patch Update (Apr 2005)

Notable fixes included in

This section bugs fixed in which may cause a notable change in behaviour.
3646162 False deadlock (ORA-60) in a RAC environment / TM lock mode change
2714430 Wrong results from ROWID comparison to rowid with slot#>32767

Issues introduced in

This section lists bugs introduced in (if any). Such issues may be either serious or trivial but the aim is to list them all to help customers assess the risk of applying the Patch Set on top of
4157713+ OERI[KGHPIH:DS] can occur when shared pool under load
4080972+ Wrong results from RBO range predicate on concatenated index with NULLs
4074633P+ AIX5L: Higher CPU usage in RAC background processes in
4074603+ RMAN backup of primary with a standby using FAL may omit archivelogs
4066495+ CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter does not work
3691672+ OERI[17067]/ OERI[26599] / dump (kgllkdl) from JavaVM / OERI:1100 from PMON
4254094 OERI[QERRMOBND1][932] possible for queries over DB links
4252656 Dump in ktfpsnps during flashback operatios
4197078 Dump (in qerilcil) with correlated variable in multi-column inlist
4187593 NULL data is not inserted correctly using a PLSQL table via JDBC
4172170 ORA-904 can occur referencing a TYPE definition in a TABLE() clause in PLSQL
4165093 Dump (in kkocpr) for SQL over database link
4154611 ORA-22992 can occur for distributed XML queries
4154591 Wrong results from single table joinback elimination
4142932 DBA_SEGMENTS.EXTENTS wrong for locally managed segment after TRUNCATE operation
4131501 Parse of query may spin when STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED = TRUE
4116896 ORA-932 using extractValue() in SQL inside PLSQL
4112324 OERI[16608] possible from some queries with pushed join predicates
4101485 FORALL inserts duplicate records / false constraint error for partitioned table
4098853 Dump (qerixGetKey->evaopn2) using COUNT(NOT_NULL_COLUMN) with a view
4082618 EXEC SQL ARRAYLEN does not work for length 0
4058160 OERI[KGHALO2] accessing earlier version Gateway
4047527 ORA-17500 ODM "file exists" error on CREATE CONTROLFILE
4039237 No rows returned from HASH join of CHAR columns containing only blanks
4016802 Incorrect export produced for transport of composite partitioned table
4015165 Unexpected ORA-6502 from PLSQL using host binds when using CHAR length semantics
3998408 RAC instance may crash with OERI:kcsbcscn13
3963167 Wrong results / dump (KKOGTP) from JOIN between CHAR and VARCHAR2
3949307 SGA memory corruption / OERI:KGHALO4 with high concurrency
3945578P Linux Redhat AS 2.1: CJQ process may spin consuming lots of CPU
3926058 V$SYSSTAT "opened cursors current" can be incorrect
3901170 False OERI [kghiexchk:ds] with event 10235 or 10501 set
3844015 OERI:713 / OERI:712 with fix for bug 3668224 enabled
3777178 TA / US enqueue deadlock during transaction recovery in RAC
3256015 Dump under qecgoc -> ... -> kkqs... -> kgl functions parsing a query
3228560 OERI[qkebValidateOpn:2] / dump under qkngbAllocate from FULL OUTER JOIN

Symbols used in this document

In the lists above
  • '*' indicates that an alert exists for that issue.
  • '+' indicates a particularly notable issue / bug.
  • 'P' indicates a port specific issue / bug.
  • 'I' indicates an install issue / bug included for completeness.
  • "OERI:nnnnn is used as shorthand for ORA-600 [nnnnn].

End of Known Issues List

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