DB NameDB IdInstanceInst numStartup TimeReleaseRAC
SDSLDB3951945579SDSLDB1116-Nov-12 20:1111.

Host NamePlatformCPUsCoresSocketsMemory (GB)
SDSLDB1Linux x86 64-bit 160 80 8 504.72

Snap IdSnap TimeSessionsCursors/Session
Begin Snap:14322-Nov-12 09:00:3090 1.5
End Snap:15722-Nov-12 23:00:4473 .7
Elapsed:  840.23 (mins)  
DB Time:  703.76 (mins)  

Report Summary

Cache Sizes

Buffer Cache: 192,512M 192,512MStd Block Size: 8K
Shared Pool Size: 51,200M 51,200MLog Buffer: 426,124K

Load Profile

Per SecondPer TransactionPer ExecPer Call
DB Time(s): 0.8 0.3 0.02 0.02
DB CPU(s): 0.4 0.1 0.01 0.01
Redo size: 18,065.1 7,205.6  
Logical reads: 5,443.2 2,171.1  
Block changes: 149.3 59.6  
Physical reads: 1.0 0.4  
Physical writes: 6.5 2.6  
User calls: 38.9 15.5  
Parses: 3.7 1.5  
Hard parses: 0.2 0.1  
W/A MB processed: 1.1 0.4  
Logons: 0.8 0.3  
Executes: 48.1 19.2  
Rollbacks: 0.0 0.0  
Transactions: 2.5   

Instance Efficiency Percentages (Target 100%)

Buffer Nowait %: 100.00Redo NoWait %: 100.00
Buffer Hit %: 99.99In-memory Sort %: 100.00
Library Hit %: 99.15Soft Parse %: 95.50
Execute to Parse %: 92.41Latch Hit %: 100.00
Parse CPU to Parse Elapsd %: 88.77% Non-Parse CPU: 95.32

Shared Pool Statistics

Memory Usage %: 26.80 27.56
% SQL with executions>1: 95.65 99.17
% Memory for SQL w/exec>1: 93.95 97.53

Top 5 Timed Foreground Events

EventWaitsTime(s)Avg wait (ms)% DB timeWait Class
DB CPU 18,228 43.17 
ges inquiry response49,384,77113,890032.89Other
SQL*Net message from dblink1,271,6671,36513.23Network
PX Nsq: PQ load info query5,7731,1351972.69Other

Host CPU (CPUs: 160 Cores: 80 Sockets: 8)

Load Average BeginLoad Average End%User%System%WIO%Idle
1.39 0.02 0.5 0.2 0.1 99.2
Instance CPU

%Total CPU%Busy CPU%DB time waiting for CPU (Resource Manager)
0.5 64.4 0.0
Memory Statistics

Host Mem (MB): 516,829.8 516,829.8
SGA use (MB): 250,368.0 250,368.0
PGA use (MB): 792.9 650.7
% Host Mem used for SGA+PGA: 48.60 48.57

RAC Statistics

Number of Instances: 2 2

Global Cache Load Profile

Per SecondPer Transaction
Global Cache blocks received: 19.16 7.64
Global Cache blocks served: 6.71 2.68
GCS/GES messages received: 1,994.51 795.55
GCS/GES messages sent: 2,015.26 803.83
DBWR Fusion writes: 0.97 0.39
Estd Interconnect traffic (KB) 990.11 

Global Cache Efficiency Percentages (Target local+remote 100%)

Buffer access - local cache %: 99.64
Buffer access - remote cache %: 0.35
Buffer access - disk %: 0.01

Global Cache and Enqueue Services - Workload Characteristics

Avg global enqueue get time (ms): 0.1
Avg global cache cr block receive time (ms): 0.4
Avg global cache current block receive time (ms): 0.6
Avg global cache cr block build time (ms): 0.0
Avg global cache cr block send time (ms): 0.0
Global cache log flushes for cr blocks served %: 31.1
Avg global cache cr block flush time (ms): 1.5
Avg global cache current block pin time (ms): 1,751.1
Avg global cache current block send time (ms): 0.0
Global cache log flushes for current blocks served %: 0.3
Avg global cache current block flush time (ms): 379.8

Global Cache and Enqueue Services - Messaging Statistics

Avg message sent queue time (ms): 0.0
Avg message sent queue time on ksxp (ms): 0.2
Avg message received queue time (ms): 0.0
Avg GCS message process time (ms): 0.0
Avg GES message process time (ms): 0.1
% of direct sent messages: 98.62
% of indirect sent messages: 1.30
% of flow controlled messages: 0.08

Cluster Interconnect

 Begin End
InterfaceIP AddressPubSourceIPPubSrc

Main Report

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Wait Events Statistics

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Time Model Statistics

Statistic NameTime (s)% of DB Time
DB CPU18,227.9643.17
sql execute elapsed time14,483.4934.30
parse time elapsed950.482.25
hard parse elapsed time894.972.12
failed parse elapsed time751.981.78
PL/SQL execution elapsed time246.960.58
connection management call elapsed time50.390.12
hard parse (sharing criteria) elapsed time12.080.03
inbound PL/SQL rpc elapsed time7.470.02
PL/SQL compilation elapsed time4.630.01
sequence load elapsed time3.610.01
hard parse (bind mismatch) elapsed time1.380.00
repeated bind elapsed time0.320.00
DB time42,225.77 
background elapsed time60,585.70 
background cpu time21,078.04 

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Operating System Statistics

StatisticValueEnd Value

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Operating System Statistics - Detail

Snap TimeLoad%busy%user%sys%idle%iowait
22-Nov 09:00:301.39     
22-Nov 10:00:
22-Nov 11:00:332.210.850.570.2399.150.16
22-Nov 12:00:
22-Nov 13:00:422.001.240.890.2998.760.25
22-Nov 14:00:150.050.840.570.2399.160.20
22-Nov 15:00:520.170.940.670.2299.060.03
22-Nov 16:00:272.661.070.770.2498.930.04
22-Nov 17:00:
22-Nov 18:00:350.480.410.250.1499.590.02
22-Nov 19:00:090.370.390.240.1499.610.02
22-Nov 20:00:460.150.670.460.1799.330.02
22-Nov 21:00:240.360.230.130.1099.770.02
22-Nov 22:00:
22-Nov 23:00:440.

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Foreground Wait Class

Wait ClassWaits%Time -outsTotal Wait Time (s)Avg wait (ms)%DB time
DB CPU  18,228 43.17
System I/O63,68002100.05
User I/O20,23802110.05

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Foreground Wait Events

EventWaits%Time -outsTotal Wait Time (s)Avg wait (ms)Waits /txn% DB time
ges inquiry response49,384,771013,8900390.7332.89
SQL*Net message from dblink1,271,66701,365110.063.23
PX Nsq: PQ load info query5,773961,1351970.052.69
PX Deq: Slave Session Stats68,333038960.540.92
reliable message93,062022220.740.53
library cache lock2,13910155720.020.37
DFS lock handle202,39909201.600.22
rdbms ipc reply369,98409202.930.22
log file sync127,45609011.010.21
gc current grant busy63,40603910.500.09
IPC send completion sync90,70203200.720.08
gc cr block 2-way48,23602510.380.06
latch free48,04902510.380.06
control file sequential read63,67202100.500.05
enq: PS - contention35,29502010.280.05
db file sequential read13,45901610.110.04
gc current block 2-way28,60901510.230.04
enq: US - contention26,3010800.210.02
PX Deq: reap credit575,456100704.550.02
row cache lock16,7240700.130.02
enq: TX - row lock contention30620930.000.01
name-service call wait7506810.000.01
SQL*Net message to dblink1,271,34506010.060.01
gc cr multi block request6,2690510.050.01
SQL*Net message to client1,406,48804011.130.01
PX Deq: Signal ACK RSG33,1710400.260.01
SQL*Net more data to client43,2050300.340.01
KJC: Wait for msg sends to complete204,5760301.620.01
db file scattered read5720350.000.01
enq: TX - contention5,34199300.040.01
SQL*Net more data from client3,0670310.020.01
gc cr disk read4,7750200.040.00
gc cr block busy1,3520210.010.00
buffer busy waits12301110.000.00
Disk file operations I/O4,0540100.030.00
PX Deq: Signal ACK EXT33,1730100.260.00
library cache pin2,4846100.020.00
SQL*Net break/reset to client10,3830100.080.00
os thread startup1001790.000.00
gc cr block congested1,1680110.010.00
direct path read temp1,5260000.010.00
gc current block busy4110010.000.00
gc current grant 2-way8790000.010.00
gc cr grant 2-way8070000.010.00
CSS initialization640050.000.00
gc current multi block request4730010.000.00
direct path write temp4860010.000.00
gc current block congested5150010.000.00
CSS operation: action650040.000.00
latch: ges resource hash list3,9120000.030.00
enq: FB - contention2590000.000.00
direct path read960010.000.00
db file parallel read190060.000.00
resmgr:internal state change110001010.000.00
log file switch completion300270.000.00
latch: row cache objects1,9850000.020.00
undo segment extension1191070.000.00
enq: RO - fast object reuse390010.000.00
CSS operation: query1920000.000.00
enq: TO - contention6865000.000.00
enq: HW - contention470000.000.00
gc cr grant congested330010.000.00
enq: TM - contention329000.000.00
direct path write250010.000.00
enq: MD - contention230000.000.00
enq: JS - job run lock - synchronize14100010.000.00
enq: TT - contention180000.000.00
gc current grant congested150000.000.00
enq: CR - block range reuse ckpt40020.000.00
enq: JQ - contention8100010.000.00
enq: CF - contention130000.000.00
enq: PI - contention10100000.000.00
gc buffer busy acquire60010.000.00
asynch descriptor resize806100000.010.00
control file parallel write80000.000.00
latch: undo global data180000.000.00
enq: AE - lock70000.000.00
enq: TS - contention50000.000.00
enq: UL - contention60000.000.00
cursor: pin S wait on X10010.000.00
enq: AF - task serialization20010.000.00
SQL*Net message from client1,406,49702,092,976148811.13 
jobq slave wait46,80110023,4205000.37 
pipe get20,2931982480.16 
PX Deq: Execute Reply33,258028080.26 
PX Deq: Execution Msg140,663025121.11 
PX Deq: Join ACK33,18504210.26 
PX Deq Credit: send blkd503569290.00 
auto-sqltune: wait graph update6832541670.00 
PX Deq: Parse Reply33,18501910.26 
single-task message325010310.00 
KSV master wait390000.00 

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Background Wait Events

EventWaits%Time -outsTotal Wait Time (s)Avg wait (ms)Waits /txn% bg time
enq: DR - contention16022,36013974690.0036.91
SQL*Net message from dblink36,768016,4854480.2927.21
DFS lock handle14,391,2201004,6680113.867.70
gc cr block 2-way801,423033606.340.55
log file parallel write334,307012502.650.21
reliable message7,7581117150.060.19
db file parallel write209,92208201.660.14
control file sequential read147,04706501.160.11
log file sync69,29504910.550.08
os thread startup1,069032300.010.05
enq: TX - contention64,8491002900.510.05
gc current block 2-way37,21201800.290.03
gcs log flush sync19,02601210.150.02
control file parallel write20,6370800.160.01
latch free3,2470820.030.01
gc current grant busy14,8780810.120.01
CGS wait for IPC msg478,750100603.790.01
gc cr block congested12,8980500.100.01
CSS operation: data query2,5170520.020.01
gc current block busy3,6370510.030.01
ASM file metadata operation17,1960500.140.01
PX Nsq: PQ load info query2310052010.000.01
latch: ges resource hash list64,9010300.510.00
process diagnostic dump10022340.000.00
ksxr poll remote instances184,368100201.460.00
name-service call wait3702600.000.00
log file sequential read5930230.000.00
row cache process360,6840202.850.00
PX Deq: reap credit80,156100100.630.00
libcache interrupt action by LCK284,3850102.250.00
row cache cleanup309,0030102.440.00
enq: WF - contention2470140.000.00
CSS group membership query8390110.010.00
row cache lock1,3180110.010.00
enq: JS - queue lock710180.000.00
db file sequential read1880020.000.00
gc current block congested6750000.010.00
db file async I/O submit209,4210001.660.00
enq: CF - contention58683000.000.00
resmgr:internal state change210001010.000.00
enq: PS - contention26936010.000.00
library cache pin4550000.000.00
CSS operation: action1340010.000.00
CSS initialization320050.000.00
Disk file operations I/O1,1600000.010.00
gc current grant 2-way4450000.000.00
library cache lock3721000.000.00
gc cr block busy890010.000.00
ADR block file read2240010.000.00
gc cr multi block request1640010.000.00
SQL*Net message to dblink36,7560000.290.00
latch: row cache objects1,2370000.010.00
LGWR wait for redo copy1,5500000.010.00
latch: messages1470010.000.00
gc current multi block request1160010.000.00
enq: TA - contention1560000.000.00
enq: PR - contention200280.000.00
PX Deq: Slave Session Stats2540000.000.00
asynch descriptor resize6,752100000.050.00
enq: TM - contention10582000.000.00
direct path write1350000.000.00
enq: TD - KTF dump entries1100000.000.00
gc buffer busy release640010.000.00
db file scattered read420010.000.00
IPC send completion sync1690000.000.00
PX Deq: Signal ACK RSG2540000.000.00
SQL*Net more data from client660000.000.00
SQL*Net message to client15,9750000.130.00
buffer busy waits1230000.000.00
CSS operation: query9350000.010.00
KJC: Wait for msg sends to complete1,2560000.010.00
gc cr grant 2-way600000.000.00
ADR block file write700000.000.00
enq: TT - contention3765000.000.00
direct path read20060.000.00
PX Deq: Signal ACK EXT2540000.000.00
enq: MW - contention240000.000.00
enq: TK - Auto Task Serialization23100000.000.00
enq: AF - task serialization140010.000.00
enq: HW - contention180000.000.00
enq: CR - block range reuse ckpt150000.000.00
log file single write160000.000.00
kfk: async disk IO130000.000.00
enq: US - contention150000.000.00
Log archive I/O40010.000.00
gc current grant congested90010.000.00
rdbms ipc reply10040.000.00
latch: cache buffers chains60010.000.00
SQL*Net break/reset to client120000.000.00
gc buffer busy acquire30010.000.00
Data file init write10020.000.00
enq: FB - contention40000.000.00
SQL*Net more data to client660000.000.00
enq: PI - contention3100000.000.00
enq: WL - contention2100010.000.00
rdbms ipc message2,346,812522,316,16298718.57 
gcs remote message34,176,95898352,25610270.40 
wait for unread message on broadcast channel101,42389100,8279940.80 
DIAG idle wait1,230,1148299,727819.73 
Space Manager: slave idle wait16,5559781,69349350.13 
class slave wait3,360056,521168220.03 
PX Idle Wait35,206055,39615730.28 
Streams AQ: qmn slave idle wait1,759050,434286720.01 
Streams AQ: qmn coordinator idle wait3,5185050,434143360.03 
shared server idle wait1,68010050,418300110.01 
ASM background timer12,008050,41141980.10 
dispatcher timer84010050,409600110.01 
GCR sleep10,08010050,40750010.08 
pmon timer16,77910050,38330030.13 
smon timer6361644,424698490.01 
ges remote message98,649,758037,8320780.51 
VKRM Idle1014,400143997600.00 
SQL*Net message from client21,31202410.17 
KSV master wait31,68697100.25 
PX Deq: Join ACK2540020.00 
single-task message1200250.00 
PX Deq: Parse Reply2540010.00 
heartbeat monitor sleep220030.00 
Streams AQ: RAC qmn coordinator idle wait3,560100000.03 
PX Deq: Execute Reply2540000.00 

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Wait Event Histogram

  % of Waits
EventTotal Waits <1ms <2ms <4ms <8ms<16ms<32ms <=1s >1s
ADR block file read22495.13.6.9 .4   
ADR block file write70100.0       
ADR file lock84100.0       
ARCH wait for archivelog lock4100.0       
ASM file metadata operation17.2K99. .4 
CGS wait for IPC msg478.8K100.0       
CSS group membership query83934.064.21.8     
CSS initialization9650.0   49.01.0  
CSS operation: action19927.122.647.72.5    
CSS operation: data query2517.130.269.7     
CSS operation: query112798.01.6.4     
DFS lock handle14.6M99. 
Data file init write1  100.0     
Disk file operations I/O521499.    
IPC send completion sync90.9K99.    
KJC: Wait for msg sends to complete205.8K100.0       
LGWR wait for redo copy155099.9 .1     
Log archive I/O450.025.025.0     
PX Deq: Signal ACK EXT33.4K100.0.0      
PX Deq: Signal ACK RSG33.4K100.0.0      
PX Deq: Slave Session Stats68.6K99.
PX Deq: reap credit655.6K100.0.0.0     
PX Nsq: PQ load info query5796. 
PX qref latch37100.0       
SQL*Net break/reset to client10.4K99. .0 
SQL*Net break/reset to dblink1100.0       
SQL*Net message from dblink1308.3K68.
SQL*Net message to client1422.5K100.0 .0.0    
SQL*Net message to dblink1307.9K100.0 .0     
SQL*Net more data from client313390. .0
SQL*Net more data from dblink11100.0       
SQL*Net more data to client43.3K97. 
asynch descriptor resize7558100.0       
buffer busy waits24493.43.7.8  .81.2 
buffer deadlock4100.0       
control file parallel write20.6K99.  
control file sequential read210.7K99.  
cursor: pin S wait on X1 100.0      
db file async I/O submit209.4K100.0       
db file parallel read1963.210.5  5.315.85.3 
db file parallel write209.9K99. 
db file scattered read61465. 
db file sequential read11.6K85. 
db file single write1100.0       
direct path read9878.   
direct path read temp1526100.0       
direct path write16098.8.6.6     
direct path write temp48696.33.3  .2 .2 
enq: AE - lock7100.0       
enq: AF - task serialization1693.86.3      
enq: CF - contention59999.3.7      
enq: CR - block range reuse ckpt1989.5 10.5     
enq: CT - state1100.0       
enq: DL - contention1100.0       
enq: DR - contention1668.8 6.3    25.0
enq: FB - contention26399.6 .4     
enq: FD - Flashback logical operations1100.0       
enq: HW - contention6598.51.5      
enq: JQ - contention988.911.1      
enq: JS - job run lock - synchronize14100.0       
enq: JS - queue lock71  1.453.545.1   
enq: JS - wdw op1100.0       
enq: MD - contention23100.0       
enq: MW - contention24100.0       
enq: PE - contention1100.0       
enq: PI - contention13100.0       
enq: PR - contention2     100.0  
enq: PS - contention35.6K98.  
enq: RO - fast object reuse3966.717.915.4     
enq: SK - contention1100.0       
enq: TA - contention156100.0       
enq: TD - KTF dump entries110100.0       
enq: TK - Auto Task Serialization23100.0       
enq: TM - contention15099.3.7      
enq: TO - contention6898.51.5      
enq: TS - contention5100.0       
enq: TT - contention5598.21.8      
enq: TX - contention70.2K99. 
enq: TX - index contention1100.0       
enq: TX - row lock contention3       100.0
enq: UL - contention6100.0       
enq: US - contention26.3K99.  
enq: WF - contention24998.  .4 
enq: WL - contention2100.0       
gc buffer busy acquire977.822.2      
gc buffer busy release6495.34.7      
gc cr block 2-way849.6K99.    
gc cr block busy14411.894.93.2.1    
gc cr block congested14.1K99.9.1      
gc cr disk read385898.9.9.2     
gc cr grant 2-way86799.9.1      
gc cr grant congested3397.03.0      
gc cr multi block request640784.    
gc current block 2-way65.8K99.    
gc current block busy40507.392.1.6.0    
gc current block congested118998.31.7      
gc current grant 2-way132599.7.3      
gc current grant busy78.2K96.  
gc current grant congested24100.0       
gc current multi block request59095.93.7.2 .2   
gcs log flush sync19K92.   
ges inquiry response49.4M99. 
kfk: async disk IO13100.0       
ksdxexeotherwait10     100.0  
ksxr poll remote instances184.4K100.0       
latch free51.3K90.  
latch: active service list2100.0       
latch: cache buffer handles1100.0       
latch: cache buffers chains875.025.0      
latch: checkpoint queue latch1100.0       
latch: enqueue hash chains4100.0       
latch: gc element2100.0       
latch: gcs resource hash2100.0       
latch: ges resource hash list68.8K99.    
latch: messages14984.615.4      
latch: redo allocation5100.0       
latch: redo writing3100.0       
latch: row cache objects322299.8.2      
latch: shared pool1100.0       
latch: undo global data18100.0       
libcache interrupt action by LCK284.4K100.0.0      
library cache lock255698.
library cache pin298499.    
library cache: mutex X24100.0       
log file parallel write334.3K99. 
log file sequential read59330.533.920. 
log file single write16100.0       
log file switch completion3    33.3 66.7 
log file sync196.7K96. 
name-service call wait112.9.9 1.83.615.277.7 
os thread startup1079     93.86.2 
process diagnostic dump10      100.0 
rdbms ipc reply370K94. 
read by other session1100.0       
reliable message100.8K98. 
resmgr:cpu quantum1100.0       
resmgr:internal state change3      100.0 
row cache cleanup309K100.0       
row cache lock18.1K96.   
row cache process360.7K100.0       
transaction5314      100.0 
undo segment extension1154.5   27.318.2  
ASM background timer12K.
DIAG idle wait1230.1K14. 
GCR sleep10.1K       100.0
KSV master wait31.7K99.  .0 
PING17.1K76.7.0.0    23.3
PX Deq Credit: need buffer3100.0       
PX Deq Credit: send blkd540.0      60.0
PX Deq: Execute Reply33.5K99.
PX Deq: Execution Msg140.7K78.
PX Deq: Join ACK33.4K43.   
PX Deq: Parse Reply33.4K97. 
PX Idle Wait35.2K.
SQL*Net message from client1427.8K32.455.
Space Manager: slave idle wait16.6K  .
Streams AQ: RAC qmn coordinator idle wait3560100.0       
Streams AQ: qmn coordinator idle wait351850.0.0     50.0
Streams AQ: qmn slave idle wait1759       100.0
VKRM Idle1       100.0
auto-sqltune: wait graph update616.7      83.3
class slave wait336039.7.42.726.
dispatcher timer840       100.0
gcs remote message33.7M. 
ges remote message98.6M99. 
heartbeat monitor sleep22 13.681.84.5    
jobq slave wait46.8K .0.0  .0100.0 
pipe get20.3K79.
pmon timer16.8K       100.0
rdbms ipc message2346.8K27.
shared server idle wait1680       100.0
single-task message337 .3.9  49.649.3 
smon timer6366.0 .
wait for unread message on broadcast channel101.4K   .0.6 99.4.0

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Wait Event Histogram Detail (64 msec to 2 sec)

  % of Total Waits
EventWaits 64ms to 2s<32ms<64ms<1/8s<1/4s<1/2s <1s <2s>=2s
ASM file metadata operation6299.    
DFS lock handle13100.0.0.0     
PX Deq: Slave Session Stats27699.
PX Nsq: PQ load info query5757.7.71.397.3    
SQL*Net break/reset to client1100.0.0      
SQL*Net message from dblink18.2K98.6.0.0
SQL*Net more data from client1100.0     .0 
SQL*Net more data to client6100.0.0      
buffer busy waits398.8.4  .4.4  
db file parallel read194.75.3      
db file parallel write2100.0.0      
db file scattered read2695.83.9.3     
db file sequential read2599.8.2.0     
direct path write temp199.8.2      
enq: TX - contention1100.0   .0   
enq: TX - row lock contention2      66.733.3
enq: WF - contention199.6    .4  
ges inquiry response2100.0.0.0     
library cache lock699.6.1.0 .0.0 .1
log file parallel write6100.0.0      
log file sequential read499.3.7      
log file switch completion233.366.7      
log file sync4100.0.0      
name-service call wait8722.317.058.02.7    
os thread startup6793.    
process diagnostic dump10   100.0    
rdbms ipc reply1100.0.0      
reliable message47299.  
resmgr:internal state change3  100.0     
transaction5314     100.0  

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Wait Event Histogram Detail (4 sec to 2 min)

  % of Total Waits
EventWaits 4s to 2m<2s <4s <8s<16s<32s< 1m< 2m>=2m
PX Deq: Slave Session Stats4799.9.1      
SQL*Net message from dblink136100.0.0      
enq: TX - row lock contention166.733.3      
library cache lock399.9    .1  

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Wait Event Histogram Detail (4 min to 1 hr)

  % of Total Waits
EventWaits 4m to 1h <2m <4m <8m<1/4h<1/2h< 1h>=1h
enq: DR - contention275.0   6.36.312.5

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Service Statistics

Service NameDB Time (s)DB CPU (s)Physical Reads (K)Logical Reads (K)

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Service Wait Class Stats

Service NameUser I/O Total WtsUser I/O Wt TimeConcurcy Total WtsConcurcy Wt TimeAdmin Total WtsAdmin Wt TimeNetwork Total WtsNetwork Wt Time
SDSLDB 362127144400144719213
SYS$USERS 1663519163391610025486151368
SYS$BACKGROUND 1529128895634007352416485

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SQL Statistics

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SQL ordered by Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time (s)Executions Elapsed Time per Exec (s) %Total%CPU%IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
6,957.2615544.8916.4814.930.007yaqm2habcbap   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
5,348.5959,4430.0912.670.460.00ggu8pr7gjt8h2   UPDATE T_XHD_XHQPMX SET CHANGE...
2,072.3212,072.324.9154.220.045zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
1,426.8516,3040.093.385.250.007tx50ncu1kxgm   select INST_ID, REFCOUNT from ...
1,201.812157.232.8521.980.00237bzsrftfsb4 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ sel...
1,096.904332.532.6099.260.00df03gsnzb7nvy Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT l.latch#, l.gets, l.mis...
609.872162.821.4499.440.00dp0m1hgbyytkp Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT wait_time_milli, SUM (w...
371.151623.200.8898.170.003zmj35k9fmct6   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
331.3033,5470.010.7899.640.0001qhdzwrndw8j   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ITEM_INTE...
287.421287.420.6852.822.48b6usrg82hwsa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_stats.gather_databas...

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SQL ordered by CPU Time

CPU Time (s)Executions CPU per Exec (s)%TotalElapsed Time (s)%CPU%IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
1,123.6311,123.636.162,072.3254.220.045zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
1,088.814332.515.971,096.9099.260.00df03gsnzb7nvy Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT l.latch#, l.gets, l.mis...
1,038.391556.705.706,957.2614.930.007yaqm2habcbap   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
606.452162.813.33609.8799.440.00dp0m1hgbyytkp Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT wait_time_milli, SUM (w...
364.361622.772.00371.1598.170.003zmj35k9fmct6   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
330.1233,5470.011.81331.3099.640.0001qhdzwrndw8j   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ITEM_INTE...
264.122112.581.451,201.8121.980.00237bzsrftfsb4 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ sel...
227.3129,8000.011.25233.2197.470.000d2swsmcbg95n   UPDATE T_DPLS SET WCXDCS = WCX...
198.1927,3440.011.09199.7099.240.001q1f0hv3p080r oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_JCZDML ...
189.141,8170.101.04189.4699.830.00fwzmq24pk0zw0   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_WL_CKSJ...

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SQL ordered by User I/O Wait Time

User I/O Time (s)Executions UIO per Exec (s)%TotalElapsed Time (s)%CPU%IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
9.5419.5443.9866.438.3114.366mcpb06rctk0x DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_space.auto_space_adv...
7.25140.5233.4311.0618.6765.598szmwam7fysa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into wri$_adv_objspace_...
7.1417.1432.92287.4252.822.48b6usrg82hwsa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_stats.gather_databas...
0.8410.843.892,072.3254.220.045zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
0.5550.112.5319.7497.152.789ghdfn6dm6zr7 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ Sel...
0.2210.221.0317.5396.011.276dn5kcc5hk94h TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
0.161550.000.746,957.2614.930.007yaqm2habcbap   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
0.155,3420.000.685.4457.892.72f711myt0q6cma oracle@SDSLDB2 (TNS V1-V3) insert into sys.aud$( sessioni...
0.1010.100.480.4172.0725.36cb1ygw55v3b5t TOAD Select owner, type_name, typec...
0.0820.040.362.5781.503.03dr9j47r6dt02q oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "ID", "LASTDHRQ" FROM "...

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SQL ordered by Gets

Buffer Gets ExecutionsGets per Exec %TotalElapsed Time (s) %CPU %IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
90,678,629165,667,414.3133.04371.1598.203zmj35k9fmct6   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
89,855,03133,5472,678.4832.74331.3099.6001qhdzwrndw8j   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ITEM_INTE...
82,795,110155534,162.0030.176,957.2614.907yaqm2habcbap   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
46,592,42329,8001,563.5016.98233.2197.500d2swsmcbg95n   UPDATE T_DPLS SET WCXDCS = WCX...
46,181,131146,181,131.0016.832,072.3254.205zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
44,049,56527,3441,610.9416.05199.7099.201q1f0hv3p080r oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_JCZDML ...
6,901,25610665,106.192.5171.6099.70bzukgtq3rjr4g   SELECT PCH, JLS, LX, SENDBMBH,...
6,834,0041,8133,769.452.49121.1099.807cb8tb9z2y1f6   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_WL_CKSJ...
6,785,4611,8123,744.742.47128.1799.80gpy0cdsstp964   SELECT FLOWID, ID, DBRQ, PFRQ,...
6,774,2981,8173,728.292.47189.4699.80fwzmq24pk0zw0   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_WL_CKSJ...
4,221,19916,304258.911.54103.9785.206yva4jbyzfky5   select local_tran_id, state, s...
3,425,48721,712,743.501.2526.0798.8.2g5h190q8bx9f5 TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
3,321,81631,107,272.001.2114.4698.50fwqxchk6kgvdg DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ SEL...
3,318,27931,106,093.001.2112.4499.9070q9tw6dqd29t DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ SEL...
3,317,96831,105,989.331.2112.491000c3g0tjz6gaujr DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ SEL...
3,146,2863,0571,029.211.1514.9299.50g7kgt9q98ah65   SELECT ZDQH, ZDXH FROM T_JCZDM...

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SQL ordered by Reads

Physical ReadsExecutionsReads per Exec %TotalElapsed Time (s)%CPU%IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
24,868124,868.0051.242,072.3254.220.045zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
18,03053,606.0037.1519.7497.152.789ghdfn6dm6zr7 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ Sel...
13,015113,015.0026.8266.438.3114.366mcpb06rctk0x DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_space.auto_space_adv...
8,22918,229.0016.96287.4252.822.48b6usrg82hwsa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_stats.gather_databas...
4,11314293.798.4711.0618.6765.598szmwam7fysa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into wri$_adv_objspace_...
3781378.000.7817.5396.011.276dn5kcc5hk94h TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
3442172.000.712.5781.503.03dr9j47r6dt02q oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "ID", "LASTDHRQ" FROM "...
114619.000.232.4682.761.096ajkhukk78nsr   begin prvt_hdm.auto_execute( :...
80180.000.160.4172.0725.36cb1ygw55v3b5t TOAD Select owner, type_name, typec...
74174.000.1533.2999.170.10dtnycfh704ua0 TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...

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SQL ordered by Physical Reads (UnOptimized)

UnOptimized Read ReqsPhysical Read ReqsExecutionsUnOptimized Reqs per Exec%Opt%Total SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
17,98217,98224374.000.00116.19aj22x1qd1b243 Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT file_type, ROUND (mb_us...
10,57210,572110,572.000.0068.316mcpb06rctk0x DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_space.auto_space_adv...
8,9778,97718,977.000.0058.015zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
4,1134,11314293.790.0026.588szmwam7fysa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into wri$_adv_objspace_...
4,0324,0324884.000.0026.058mw2xhnu943jn Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT ios.filetype_name, df.f...
3,5283,5284284.000.0022.8077nbshknaxk50 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
1,6471,64711,647.000.0010.64b6usrg82hwsa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_stats.gather_databas...
1,2021,2025240.400.007.779ghdfn6dm6zr7 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ Sel...
1,1481,1481647.000.007.425k3dxpy9z9ppm Spotlight on Oracle RAC SELECT, --CloseCursor (...
1,0081,0081284.000.006.51cpj1b53snratw DBMS_SCHEDULER SELECT PIO.IOSTAT_ID, SUM (IOF...
4314311431.000.002.78dtnycfh704ua0 TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
3643641364.000.002.356dn5kcc5hk94h TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
3643641364.000.002.356vnxpsgfrt9p9 SQL*Plus select output from table(dbms_...
2202202110.000.001.4258tt6u6rmanwd TOAD select as name, ...
183183291.500.001.18dr9j47r6dt02q oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "ID", "LASTDHRQ" FROM "...

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SQL ordered by Executions

Executions Rows ProcessedRows per ExecElapsed Time (s) %CPU %IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
82,50382,5031.00193.3719.9057kqz83nkwnwd DBMS_SCHEDULER SELECT NVL(SUM(THCS), 0) FROM ...
82,50382,5031.00193.2719.40cwzszfj2n19mh DBMS_SCHEDULER SELECT NVL(SUM(ZYCS), 0) FROM ...
59,44359,4431.005,348.59.50ggu8pr7gjt8h2   UPDATE T_XHD_XHQPMX SET CHANGE...
57,10257,1021.006.7079.90bh4zwws4vsz3s oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT NVL("A1"."NOFHBJ", '0')...
33,54733,5471.00331.3099.6001qhdzwrndw8j   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ITEM_INTE...
29,80029,8001.00233.2197.500d2swsmcbg95n   UPDATE T_DPLS SET WCXDCS = WCX...
27,34427,3441.00199.7099.201q1f0hv3p080r oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_JCZDML ...
25,49025,4901.0033.1894.5.1379xmtc9vsmcz   INSERT INTO T_FHMX (DBDH, DBRQ...
16,30400.00103.9785.206yva4jbyzfky5   select local_tran_id, state, s...
16,30400.001,426.855.307tx50ncu1kxgm   select INST_ID, REFCOUNT from ...

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SQL ordered by Parse Calls

Parse CallsExecutions % Total Parses SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
50,94516,30427.687tx50ncu1kxgm   select INST_ID, REFCOUNT from ...
5,6365,6363.060k8522rmdzg4k   select privilege# from sysauth...
5,63615,6223.06cm5vu20fhtnq1   select /*+ connect_by_filterin...
5,4585,4582.97459f3z9u4fb3u   select value$ from props$ wher...
5,3425,3422.90f711myt0q6cma oracle@SDSLDB2 (TNS V1-V3) insert into sys.aud$( sessioni...
5,2955,2952.880ws7ahf1d78qa   select SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV', ...
5,2945,2942.885ur69atw3vfhj   select decode(failover_method,...
3,2443,2441.76350f5yrnnmshs   lock table sys.mon_mods$ in ex...
2,31301.2654rvdwvrhd0wt oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT /*+ FULL(P) +*/ * FROM ...
2,07001.123z9hhd2tgfqxq oracle@xhwldb1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT /*+ FULL(P) +*/ * FROM ...
1,9461,9461.069j7p7w49wmys6 oracle@xhwldb1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "YWBMBH", "ID", "CBNY",...

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SQL ordered by Sharable Memory

Sharable Mem (b)Executions % Total SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
3,138,02312,1720.01azfanj0gxsc3k oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."DBDH", "A1"."DJLY...
3,052,377880.01cf8fyu7n9yc27 PL/SQL Developer select * from sys.all_objects ...
2,414,468360.00174bgwj5uujn3 PL/SQL Developer SELECT /*+rule*/ OBJECT_TYPE, ...
2,394,109260.00bctdu4910d43h PL/SQL Developer SELECT /*+rule*/ 1 FROM SYS.AL...
2,162,032120.001ujjr5f7n32g1 PL/SQL Developer select * from sys.all_tables w...
1,997,790750.0021sh40mz4cdkx PL/SQL Developer select text from sys.all_sourc...
1,960,07020.00bd502nbh9abbs plsqldev.exe select s.synonym_name object_n...
1,269,0872090.00f3223cb4ng6hq   select next_run_date, obj#, ru...
1,113,4471680.007f8f9v6hmpqb5 oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) INSERT INTO "T_WL_BSJH" "A1" (...

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SQL ordered by Version Count

Version Count Executions SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
6812,172azfanj0gxsc3k oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."DBDH", "A1"."DJLY...
6812,172azfanj0gxsc3k oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."DBDH", "A1"."DJLY...
6812,172azfanj0gxsc3k oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."DBDH", "A1"."DJLY...
331687f8f9v6hmpqb5 oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) INSERT INTO "T_WL_BSJH" "A1" (...
2416831g5yw57tgt20 oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) INSERT INTO "T_WL_CKSJ_HZ" "A1...
221231kz16yhs993h2 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into sys.scheduler$_eve...

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SQL ordered by Cluster Wait Time

Cluster Wait Time (s)Executions%TotalElapsed Time(s)%Clu%CPU%IO SQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
34.101557.366,957.260.4914.930.007yaqm2habcbap   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
17.7516,3043.83103.9717.0785.250.006yva4jbyzfky5   select local_tran_id, state, s...
9.2211.99287.423.2152.822.48b6usrg82hwsa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_stats.gather_databas...
6.05161.30371.151.6398.170.003zmj35k9fmct6   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
5.8559,4431.265,348.590.110.460.00ggu8pr7gjt8h2   UPDATE T_XHD_XHQPMX SET CHANGE...
5.4529,8001.18233.212.3497.470.000d2swsmcbg95n   UPDATE T_DPLS SET WCXDCS = WCX...
3.9215,3670.8580.904.8521.940.005tn8hvpg71v9p   UPDATE T_XHD_XHQPMX@C_LINK_SL_...
3.8110.8266.435.738.3114.366mcpb06rctk0x DBMS_SCHEDULER call dbms_space.auto_space_adv...
2.45140.5311.0622.1218.6765.598szmwam7fysa3 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into wri$_adv_objspace_...
2.415,3420.525.4444.2457.892.72f711myt0q6cma oracle@SDSLDB2 (TNS V1-V3) insert into sys.aud$( sessioni...
1.9525,4900.4233.185.8794.520.13379xmtc9vsmcz   INSERT INTO T_FHMX (DBDH, DBRQ...
1.3116,0530.285.8322.4878.740.00fhmkap702dx71   UPDATE T_XHD_XHQPMX SET YFCS =...
1.2210.262,072.320.0654.220.045zruc4v6y32f9 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
1.0115,9810.2214.147.1854.570.000vzqrbbfmnrdd   insert into pending_trans$ (lo...
0.585,3570.131.5836.7569.170.003c1kubcdjnppq   update sys.col_usage$ set equa...
0.5220.112.5720.1481.503.03dr9j47r6dt02q oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "ID", "LASTDHRQ" FROM "...
0.5015,4700.116.457.7049.420.01231r62d3uuf8b oracle@SDSLDB2 (TNS V1-V3) UPDATE "T_XHD_XHQPMX" "A1" SET...
0.4360.092.4617.2782.761.096ajkhukk78nsr   begin prvt_hdm.auto_execute( :...
0.4227,3440.09199.700.2199.240.001q1f0hv3p080r oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T_JCZDML ...
0.4016,0530.097.395.3792.100.00d5wgs08uw0g3q   UPDATE T_KCSL SET KCCS = KCCS ...
0.392830.080.7452.6859.450.85aq8yqxyyb40nn   update sys.job$ set this_date=...
0.381200.0817.542.1598.180.02ckyt3atda7nsu oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "DJLY", "ZDQH", "ID", "...
0.3110.070.6746.0563.740.004yxsdau4hfh5x DW110.EXE select tjdh, dm, zdcs, zdmy, d...
0.29420.065.595.1878.280.6077nbshknaxk50 DBMS_SCHEDULER DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
0.2812,1720.0612.702.2495.390.01azfanj0gxsc3k oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."DBDH", "A1"."DJLY...
0.258400.053.577.1150.261.10fzjz0pm1hztgb PL/SQL Developer INSERT INTO T_DHLS_JX (FLOWID_...
0.2450.055.434.3897.180.31fxntbyvzhrvbf PL/SQL Developer begin -- Call the procedure pk...
0.2110.051.5413.5987.350.03d8y6dg13wnm77   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
0.202,7160.045.953.3496.080.004y1y43113gv8f   delete from histgrm$ where obj...
0.1912,7150.047.372.5869.680.009uha9w749tdcs   update pending_trans$ set reco...
0.1910.0417.531.0796.011.276dn5kcc5hk94h TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
0.182,1830.040.6627.9264.520.682y5a2wd9sk3th oracle@xhwldb1 (TNS V1-V3) UPDATE "T_SL_YFSJ" "A1" SET "Y...
0.17260.0435.010.4899.400.00fq2smudhvvsu9 oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "A1"."ID", "A1"."BB", "...
0.162550.033.494.6046.610.02g18j2qz6vx7zd oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) UPDATE "T_DPLS" "A1" SET "XDCS...
0.163310.030.4436.2566.870.003fc48pu8hybw2 PL/SQL Developer INSERT INTO T_JCZDML (TIHFS, U...
0.1550.039.251.6397.770.002c5u2nvppufp1 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ sel...
0.1420.0326.070.5398.830.17g5h190q8bx9f5 TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
0.1315,2510.0319.590.6698.950.000mqs0wr828n2d   delete from pending_sub_sessio...
0.122830.030.3039.7463.231.4347a50dvdgnxc2   update sys.job$ set failures=0...
0.1210.020.7415.6679.550.00ghq5mcnsmd1w4 SQL*Plus begin declare id number; name ...
0.1110.0212.830.8998.710.26572fbaj0fdw2b SQL*Plus select output from table(dbms_...
0.111230.020.2056.2350.790.301kz16yhs993h2 DBMS_SCHEDULER insert into sys.scheduler$_eve...
0.10210.021,201.810.0121.980.00237bzsrftfsb4 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ sel...
0.102610.022.773.7794.810.00b2hayn7jmtnd2   INSERT INTO T_DPLS (DBDH, DJLY...
0.1011,2710.023.552.9089.430.00gcpywabfwjb17   delete from pending_trans$ whe...
0.0915,2510.0215.450.5999.410.008z8sj9gkkwv1j   delete from pending_sessions$ ...
0.0950.0212.820.6999.310.00dfnxxyd8x1pb8 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ sel...
0.092510.021.396.1985.280.3616xd3hnhj26rw oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) INSERT INTO "TM_JCFYHG" "A1" (...
0.08100.021.605.1486.451.158p908gp3h35z7   DECLARE job BINARY_INTEGER := ...
0.0810.020.1941.0062.370.008ctkpag8rwj6u WebDev.WebServer.EXE begin PKG_QXSZ.PROC_QXSZ_JE_SA...
0.072570.020.1450.7663.820.005rygsj4dbw6jt   insert into sys.mon_mods$ (obj...
0.0710.015.051.3598.390.0229yfcawwxtsq8 TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...
0.07320.010.1351.1656.100.007wwd9zjbvggmh   INSERT INTO SYS.WRI$_ADV_TASKS...
0.061900.013.321.8331.580.07f5dvyc8dha2z0   SELECT YSDJH, MIN(DH) AS DH, M...
0.061,9460.010.5610.8584.882.319j7p7w49wmys6 oracle@xhwldb1 (TNS V1-V3) SELECT "YWBMBH", "ID", "CBNY",...
0.0633,5470.01331.300.0299.640.0001qhdzwrndw8j   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ITEM_INTE...
0.054,6220.016.010.8917.800.004bcutut48s0yd oracle@SDMDDB1 (TNS V1-V3) UPDATE "T_XHD_XHQPMX" "A1" SET...
0.054,8380.010.776.5587.990.00330q95smuwnv9   update hist_head$ set bucket_c...
0.055050.010.2222.2680.180.000v3dvmc22qnam   insert into sys.col_usage$ (ob...
0.0460.018.800.4998.960.005hcrm618qgwt5 DBMS_SCHEDULER /* SQL Analyze(4033, 1) */ Sel...
0.04960.010.874.6216.110.06d3aqtvf72vc9a   SELECT A.CGYJ, A.GHDWH, A.ZK, ...
0.041060.0171.600.0599.730.00bzukgtq3rjr4g   SELECT PCH, JLS, LX, SENDBMBH,...
0.03240.012.061.5322.170.004t1jrtgaa10m7 oracle@xhwldb2 (TNS V1-V3) INSERT INTO "T_WL_CKSJ" "A1" (...
0.0310.014.200.6599.320.1088kwfynjcu1pk TOAD Select * from table(dbms_workl...

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Complete List of SQL Text

ERROR: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY", line 919 ORA-06512: at line 1
0d2swsmcbg95nUPDATE T_DPLS SET WCXDCS = WCXDCS + :B3 , PHCS = PHCS + :B3 , ID = :B2 WHERE DBDH = SUBSTR(TRIM(:B1 ) || ' ', 1, 12)
0k8522rmdzg4kselect privilege# from sysauth$ where (grantee#=:1 or grantee#=1) and privilege#>0
0mqs0wr828n2ddelete from pending_sub_sessions$ where local_tran_id = :1
0v3dvmc22qnaminsert into sys.col_usage$ (obj#, intcol#, equality_preds, equijoin_preds, nonequijoin_preds, range_preds, like_preds, null_preds, timestamp) values ( :objn, :coln, decode(bitand(:flag, 1), 0, 0, 1), decode(bitand(:flag, 2), 0, 0, 1), decode(bitand(:flag, 4), 0, 0, 1), decode(bitand(:flag, 8), 0, 0, 1), decode(bitand(:flag, 16), 0, 0, 1), decode(bitand(:flag, 32), 0, 0, 1), :time)