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Study from spam

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Since I have installed "MT Scode 1" plugin, I have almost rejected spam comments successfully. However, spam trackbacks make me angry.

I have to delete hundreds of spam trackbacks every day. But wait ,at the same time, I can learn something from spam trackbacks,too.

It seems some sentences is are organized well:

1.Very nice site. Please keep updating it.

         If this is a true admiration,I will be appreciated for it.

2.You're site is very helpful.

I am very glad to hear this.

3.awesome stuff! thanks for all the information.

I studied learned the word "awesome" here.thanks.

4.i really appreciate what you're doing here. very interesting site.

Thanks a lot.

5.you have a very talented and skilled writting. i had a great time reading your comments.

Maybe he should say "articles" not comments.

6.Very original content. I really like your site.

Yes,this is my original content site.I am pride proud of it.

7.It's the first time i ran through your site and I found it very informative and interesting.

"Informative and interesting"

8.Hi. Just letting you know that I enjoyed your site.

Maybe tense is error ? (no error ,julia said)

9.Your site is exactly the kind of sites which make the net surfing so fun.

A good sentence with typic grammer structure

10.Interesting site, and very organized too. Good work.

I always try me best (very cool here ,julia said ) to make my site "organized".

11.brilliant site! happy to be here.

I'm happy too.

12.It was fun visiting here. Wishing you a great day!

I wish everyone have had a great day.

13.It's been a long time since I so enjoyed reading posts in the net. Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up!

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