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The value (30) of MAXTRANS parameter ignored

可以看到,这个错误就是由于备份时创建备份主表(Master Table)产生的:

Sat Mar 7 02:40:01 2009
The value (30) of MAXTRANS parameter ignored.
Sat Mar 7 02:40:04 2009
ALTER SYSTEM SET service_names='SYS$SYS.KUPC$C_1_20090307024002.ERPDB.COM' SCOPE=MEMORY SID='erpdb1';
Sat Mar 7 02:40:04 2009
ALTER SYSTEM SET service_names='SYS$SYS.KUPC$C_1_20090307024002.ERPDB.COM','SYS$SYS.KUPC$S_1_20090307024002.ERPDB.COM' SCOPE=MEMORY SID='erpdb1';
kupprdp: master process DM00 started with pid=45, OS id=627534
to execute - SYS.KUPM$MCP.MAIN('EXPDP_BAK20090307', 'SYSTEM', 'KUPC$C_1_20090307024002', 'KUPC$S_1_20090307024002', 0);
kupprdp: worker process DW01 started with worker id=1, pid=46, OS id=549820
to execute - SYS.KUPW$WORKER.MAIN('EXPDP_BAK20090307', 'SYSTEM');


CREATE TABLE <table_name> (<columns_list>) INITRANS 10 MAXTRANS 30

The value (30) of MAXTRANS parameter ignored.

这个错误是无害的,除了在告警日志中产生了不少垃圾数据。Metalink Note:455021.1 记录了这个问题。

create table test001 (col001 number) initrans 10 maxtrans 25;

The value (25) of MAXTRANS parameter ignored.

然而这个EXPDP产生的主表可能在Logical Standby上并不适用,所以丛库上可能报出如下错误:
LOGSTDBY status: ORA-16227: DDL skipped due to missing object


Error: ORA-16227 (ORA-16227)
Text: DDL skipped due to missing object
Cause: A table or other database object upon which this DDL depends is not defined on the Logical Standby database.
Action: No action is necessary, this infomational statement is provided to record the event for diagnostic purposes.

-The End-

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