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Oracle自动存储管理 ASMLib的支持变化

在Oracle Linux 6推出来以后,很多用户已经在跃跃欲试。在Linux 6中,ASMLib上有一个变化早已在Metalink上公布。参见Metalink Note 1089399.1。


For RHEL6 Oracle will only provide ASMLib software and updates via Unbreakable Linux Network(ULN). Oracle will no longer provide ASMLib packages for Red Hat kernels.

也就是说,在Oracle将仅通过ULN来提供ASMLib,之前通过OTN提供公众下载的ASMLib将不再可用。Oracle也将不再针对RedHat Kernels提供ASMLib包,虽然ASMLib对于Linux ASM不少必不可少,甚至有很多用户避免去使用它,但是这一变化还是会让很多熟悉ASMLib的用户感到不便。

OEL6据说针对数据库的优化会带来大幅度的性能提升,在OLTP性能测试中,同等内核比较,Oracle Linux Kernel会带来75%的性能提升:

Fast: More than 75 percent performance gain demonstrated in OLTP performance tests over a Red Hat Compatible Kernel; 200 percent speedup of Infiniband messaging; 137 percent faster solid state disk access.
Modern: Pro vides optimizations for large NUMA servers; improved power management and energy efficiency; fine grained CPU and memory resource control.
Reliable: Supports the Data Integrity Extensions and T10 Protection Information Model, to stop corrupt data from being written to storage; hardware fault management enables improved application uptime; low overhead performance counters for tracing.
Optimized for Oracle: Built and tested to run Oracle hardware, databases, and middleware with the best Linux performance and reliability available.
看来Oracle将不遗余力的将Linux用户吸引到Oracle Linux上来。

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不厚道. 强行拉客.

Oracle Linux Kernel会带来75%的性能提升,此数据值得怀疑哦




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