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Oracle Openworld 2015 上的企业客户们



1. Burger King - 汉堡王,在这个主题中,使用Oracle中间件云获得无与伦比的TCO优势,超越Amazon和开源软件。

Get the #1 Middleware for the Cloud at Unmatched TCO: Lower Than Amazon and OpenSource [CON9862]

John Klinke, Sr. Principal, Oracle

Marcelo Oliveira, Head of IT Infrastructure, Burger King

Rishi Vaish, VP Product Management and Development, oracle

This is a must-attend session for middleware and OpenSource users looking to adopt cloud services for innovation, agility, and cost optimization and securely connecting them with on-premises investments. With more than 35 platform and infrastructure services, Oracle has the most complete cloud portfolio for data management, application development, integration, mobile, content and collaboration, business analytics, and enterprise management with unmatched cloud automation for the lowest TCO. Each service is designed to maximize the user experience and productivity of its target audience such as developers and DevOps, architects and IT operations, and LOB users. This session discusses the key adoption patterns and benefits of these services using real-life examples and demonstrations.

2.Salesforce - 全球最大的SaaS软件提供商,使用Oracle新的高可用特性获得最佳实践。

Deep-Dive into High Availability with the Next Release of Oracle Database 12c [CON8827]

Wei Ming Hu, Vice President - High Availability Technologies, Oracle

Chris Kifuthu, Architect, Salesforce

Have you ever wished you had the army of PhDs needed to achieve the level of high availability (HA) and scalability of Google or Facebook? Ever wondered if you could utilize similar techniques on commodity platforms without sacrificing the enterprise qualities of Oracle Database? Both are possible using a new HA architecture included with the next release of Oracle Database 12c. Join this session to learn about designing transaction processing systems for linear scalability with complete fault isolation--on commodity hardware without shared storage. Learn about the new enhancements to existing HA capabilities for planned maintenance, HA, disaster recovery, and self-repair that enable best-in-class availability for databases of any size, on any platform.

3.Salesorce.com - 如何将Salesforce迁移到Oracle Sales Cloud,这个主题就是挖角了。

Effectively Migrating from Salesforce.com to Oracle Sales Cloud [CON9694]

David Capps, Consulting Solution Director, Oracle

Mary Wade, Consulting Solution Director, Oracle

Have you implemented Salesforce.com and now find yourself with a platform that is limiting your growth? Are you tired of dealing with an excess of AppExchange vendors and contracts, all while incurring additional costs that were never part of the original TCO? Do you wish you had an easy migration option to another sales cloud application that delivers more powerful analytics and better integration? This session is your opportunity to learn more about Oracle's innovative migration process from Salesforce.com to Oracle Sales Cloud. Using Oracle's proven migration tools and accelerated implementation methodology, Oracle is able to migrate your data and configurations and get your users up and running on Oracle Sales Cloud quickly.

4.Facebook - 使用Oracle Database In-Memory实现实时分析,从不可接受到秒出

Facebook's Use of Oracle Database In-Memory from Inception to Rollout [CON1685]

Sudheendra Vijayakumar, Database Systems Architect, Facebook, Inc

With the availability of the memory-optimized database technology Oracle Database In-Memory, Facebook has added real-time analytics to its application. This session explains in detail the steps Facebook took to evaluate Oracle Database In-Memory and how the company rolled it out in production to reap the benefits of faster response times for analytical queries.

5.LinkedIn - 使用12.2的Sharding特性实现系统的线性扩展和高客用行。

Linear Scalability and Fault Isolation with the Next Release of Oracle Database 12c [CON8829]

Srinagesh Battula, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Mark Dilman, Director, Software Development, Oracle

Vinoth Govindaraj, Senior Database Administrator, Linkedin Corporation

Database sharding is an architectural pattern where data is horizontally partitioned across multiple discrete databases that share no hardware or software. It provides linear scalability and complete fault isolation for transaction processing applications designed for a sharded architecture--attributes that are not possible by scaling-out or scaling-up a single database. Join this session to hear Oracle Development present how the next release of Oracle Database 12c automates the deployment of a sharded architecture, and enables elastic scaling, rebalancing, data-dependent routing, and cross-shard queries. And it does all this while rendering strict consistency, the full power of SQL, developer agility with JSON, and the proven enterprise qualities of Oracle Database.

6.Booking.com - 酒店订购网站,这个网站出国旅行时用的比较多,这是MySQL的用户。

Binlog Servers at Booking.com [CON4098]

Jean-François Gagné, Senior System Engineer, Booking.com

Booking.com is adding new components to its replication architecture called Binlog Servers, which allow the company to deploy remote site replication without intermediate masters. This is good, because log-slave-updates cause problems in the company's environment. Moreover, in a deployment where more than 100 MySQL 5.6 slaves replicate from the same master, Binlog Servers allow rapid and simple master promotion without touching the slaves. Users with more-modest replication installations can also benefit from Binlog Servers as they ease high availability and simplify remote site replication. This session describes in detail the use cases of Binlog Servers and how they are deployed in the MySQL 5.6 environment.


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