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Oracle Patch 11gR2 PatchSet 发布

Oracle已经于近日发布了Oracle 11gR2 的 补丁集,首先发布的仍然是Linux版本,其补丁号是:10404530 。
单平台总大小 5 GB。


8331063* Corrupt Undo. ORA-600 [2015] during rollback in undo block for COMPRESS table with SUPPLEMENTAL LOGGING. This bug is alerted in Note 1191474.1
10205230* ORA-600 / corruption possible during shutdown in RAC. This bug is alerted in Note:1318986.1
12431716* Mutex waits may cause higher CPU usage in PSU / GI PSU. This bug is alerted in Note:1321817.1
9637033+ Block Corruption in compressed table with more than 255 columns
9724970+ Block Corruption with PDML UPDATE. ORA_600 [4511] OERI[kdblkcheckerror] by block check
9735237+ Dump [under kxspoac] / ORA-1722 as SQL uses child with mismatched BIND metadata
9965278+ Assorted dumps and errors with function based indexes or virtual columns present
10113224+ Index coalesce may generate invalid redo if blocks in the buffer cache are invalid/corrupted
10209232+ ORA-1578 / ORA-600 [3020] Corruption. Misplaced Blocks and Lost Write in ASM
10269193+ Wrong results with outer join and CASE expression optimization (CASE need not to be present)
11666959+ ORA-7445 / LPX-200 / wrong results etc.. from new XML parser
11799496+ ORA-600 [kcbzpbuf_1] block corruption in buffer cache for 32k block size / ORA-7445 [kdb4cpss] by cache protect
11814891+ ORA-600 [7999] [9] [1] [<lob block rdba>] / ORA-1555 double allocated LOB block

Bug列表参考: http://www.eygle.com/Notes/

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