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Dear Valued Customer,

You are being sent this email because you have downloaded the RDBMS server patchset for Sun Sparc Solaris 64-bit from www.metalink.com.

Please note that Patch 5117016 is a MANDATORY PATCH required to be installed and run immediately AFTER installation of the Patch Set on Sun Sparc Solaris 64-bit. This patch fixes a known issue in Patch Set on Sun Sparc Solaris where the libserver10.a library is installed incorrectly into $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib instead of into $ORACLE_HOME/lib.

Any patches applied without Patch 5117016 installed must be backed out, Patch 5117016 must be applied and then the patches reinstalled.

Not applying the patch can cause subsequent problems such as:

Applying patches on top of may have no effect.
Changing the DBA user or SGA attach address may have no effect
Further details on this issue can be found in ALERT Note 394933.1

Thank you,
Oracle Support Services

P.S. Please do not reply to this email as this email account is not monitored. If you require further assistance, please use MetaLink, https://metalink.oracle.com, to submit a Service Request.

这个邮件中存在太多显而易见的错误,例如 www.metalink.com 根本不是Oracle公司的网址,这些错误差点让我以为这是封钓鱼邮件,还好在Metalink上找到了相关说明


-The End-

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